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The Pirate Parties started out as an inter­na­tional movement from the very beginning in at least seven European coun­tries, and therefore it is only logical to form english-speaking groups in a german-speaking country. As a matter of fact, there at least 200.000 people living in Berlin, whose mother tongue isn´t german. and that´s only offical EU citizen. These people have the right to vote during elec­tions, but much more import­antly they are influ­enced by poli­tical deci­sions as much as every other human living here.

However there is no infra­structure to involve these people, they may be well-educated, they may have pressing issues, but their voices and opinions are rarely heard. The mostly harmless crew is an open invi­tation for all polit­cally inte­rested English-speaking folks in Berlin, may they come from Istanbul or Gothenburg, may they be Pirates or not.



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